Saturday, May 11, 2013

5 months later......

  I've just this moment updated my web page; mostly due to THE NEW BLACK; the latest Jimmy Clip model  available for purchase.  I only received them this past Thursday; and already have to have more made!!! After actually seeing them physically in my hands; did I wonder why I never thought of this version before?  They look amazing; although are quite difficult to photograph due to them being Black with Black logo. So today was the day to bring everything up to date on here. 

   Since my last post; NAMM has come and gone; many sets were provided for lots of amazing Artists and friends; we have worked out almost every single glitch in the design / materials; we are beginning to get the name out there [ ironically; a few friends from back East heard of The Jimmy Clips; and found out it was me upon contacting me ]; I have sent out for reviews - which I am still awaiting word from; and there have been 5 new finishes created [ as well as a few experimental versions that haven't quite made the grade yet ].  I am truly grateful for everyone who has been there for me; as I have undoubtedly learned a lot from you all;  as well as everyone who has not. I have learned great lessons from them as well; and put ever increasing distance between them and myself.  

   I'll do my best to post again before Halloween; and will be far more diligent in updating this blog.

To all of you; my deepest appreciation!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hey there;

  Well things are coming fast and furious over here at The Jimmy Clip:

-  I posted the first of my Artist Ads - thanks to Dean Dichoso for graciously accepting my request. I will be posting a new one each week; featuring Artists / Engineers / Producers who believe in and use The Jimmy Clip.

- It was brought to my attention that The Jimmy Clip was seen on a certain Guild Artist's Acoustic for their recent promo video. A 2nd guitar hero of mine seen with it. Make me feel good :)

- Pre Sales are going rather well; please continue to spread the word and purchase a set if you haven't already.

- I also received 2 Videos featuring The Jimmy Clip. The first one was just posted tonight - featuring Dean Dichoso [ the same Dean from my Artist Ad ]. The 2nd one will be posted .... later on this morning. This one is more of a Gear oriented one - featuring good friend and killer musician Rodney McGlothlin of Voice Of Dissent. Fun stuff!!!

- I also continue to receive outstanding support from good friend Ryan ' Fluff ' Bruce; who's about to launch his web based Gear Show "Gear Addicts" - this is going to be great!!!

You can find all of these and many more amazing musicians and all around Artists on my Facebook page [ ] as well as on my Youtube channel.

As always - Thanks for all your Support!!!

Speak with you again soon!!!  


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hey there;

Well; it's been roughly 5 months since I've last posted anything on here. I've been using the facebook page more often. Here are the Updates:

- I am having The Jimmy Clips made in the US; and thus; the price has risen a bit. On the bright side; so has the quality!!!
- I have modified the measurements and upgraded some materials for optimum effectiveness
- I've had videos shot from 2 trusted Colleagues [ 1 Artist / Producer and 1 Artist / Gear Reviewer ] as well as Ryan Bruce's seemingly non-stop video support / plugs. I will be posting them as soon as I myself receive them. 
- I am now taking orders for Jimmy Clips
 Once again; I am so very Grateful for everyone's Support and Belief in this Product!!!

   I am now doing pre-sales; and if everyone follows through on what they said they'd order; I should have roughly 1/3 to 1/2 of the sufficient funding for the Initial Run of Jimmy Clips. This will get the ball rolling with the Manufacturer - and I fully expect more orders in the coming days and weeks ahead once word gets out about this. All US sales will be free shipping; all International sales will be an additional $9.99 for shipping.
    On a related note; there will also be Jimmy Clip T shirts available in the coming weeks!!! I'll be seeing what kind of demand there will be for that on facebook as well.  

 Please join us on Facebook if you like :)

Thanks again;


Friday, July 13, 2012

 Day 1 of the Kickstarter Campaign is done; and considering that practically everyone I know hasn't gotten paid yet this week - I am extremely pleased that we have reached $408 the first day!!!

 Thank you all for your help and generosity in making this a reality.

 I'm also still learning how to navigate through my brand new Facebook site. Considering that this is also essentially my first day with the site; The Jimmy Clip has also gotten 84 likes.

  Again; thank you all for your help in spreading the word about this.

 I've gotten some new believers in The Jimmy Clip after 2 impromptu demos - two of them highly skilled Luthiers in the Industry. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings....

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Kickstarter Campaign is launched!!!

 I require 7K to reach my Goal - a very realistic; yet ambitious Goal. The reasoning is due to the very high minimum amount of Jimmy Clips that have to be manufactured. Factory rules......

Please visit The Jimmy Clip Kickstarter Campaign to find out more - I'll be posting it on my page as well as here in the blog [ as soon as I figure all this out - as mentioned; I am still somewhat computer illiterate.

The Campaign ends on August 10th; 2012. Please share this with all of your friends and musicians you feel will benefit from this Device / Technique.

The Jimmy Clip Kickstarter Campaign

Saturday, June 30, 2012

The video is now being edited - should be up by Tuesday the earliest!!!

  I've been getting some amazing feedback from other Artists as well as inquiries for ordering from Major Acts!!!

  I'll be launching a Kickstarter Campaign this week; and highly encourage everyone who has placed an order from me to contact me via my email address <> about this. I have not accepted payment or processed the order from any of you as of yet; I will be offering a discount through the Kickstarter Campaign; and want to pass the savings on to you!!!

  I ask that you please spread the word about The Jimmy Clip to your friends and other musicians who will benefit from using The Jimmy Clip.

Thanks again!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

 Almost finished with the video - I'm at the mercy of the video editors at the moment...

   Meanwhile; I've got my quote [ and then some ] from Guitarist Extraordinaire Chris Poland. One of the nicest Artists I've ever had the pleasure of meeting!!!  As amazing a guitarist as he is; he's an even more down to earth and humble person. It's quite surreal to actually have one of my biggest guitar influences using and really believing in this Product. He actually had the Jimmy Clip on when he was taking Promo pics for Schecter Guitar Research - as he is now a Schecter Artist. He will be taking The Jimmy Clip with him to play the Chicago Jazz Fest as well as sitting in the Legendary Les Paul's seat at the Iridium in late July!!! He will have special guest Leslie West sitting in with him as well as other incredible musicians and Artists.

   I will be making an announcement this week regarding The Jimmy Clip - stay tuned!